Custom Fitted Tablecloths

  • Identifies your brand
  • Fully washable
  • Quick to assemble – fits your folding table
  • Printed on all sides including the top
  • Rear storage access
  • Stretch ensures perfect fit
  • Light weight makes transport easy
  • Works indoors or outdoors and doesn’t blow in the wind
  • Stylish
  • Perfect for exhibitions, market stalls and networking events.

Bridport Banners fitted tablecloths consist of five panels. A Front, top,left hand side,right hand side and rear. We require artwork to cover these panels as separate files.

The files should be provided in pdf format either actual size or half size. Fonts should be embed- ded or outlined and the colour profile should be FOGRA39A. The resolution of bitmap graphics should be at least 150 dpi.

Files generated in Word, Power Point or Pub- lisher are not acceptable (even if converted to pdf) as there is no guarantee of colour accuracy or resolution.

Panel Sizes for artwork.

Front panel 1900 mm x 900 mm Top panel 1900 mm x 900 mm End Panels 900 mm x 900 mm Rear panel 1900 mm x 900 mm See template for exact dimensions.

Note: as the rear panel is cut away for table access the panel is best as simply the background colour/pattern.
In our experience we have found that a textured or pattered finish is best for the top as it does not show marks and spills.

The attached template for the panels should be used as an overlay to ensure the layout of the main content fits within this area, the remainder is the background colour/pattern. This allows us to trim the panel for the seam allowance and stretch of the fabric.

tableclothtemplate frontv3


Tablecloth template top v3

tableclothtemplate rearv3